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Ultra-thin HEMTs for mmWaves

RF losses < 0.5 dB/mm

Homogeneity over 200-mm wafers

GaN has long been a key semiconductor material in the lighting industry and has become increasingly needed for high quality electronics, MEMS, sensors and more. The need for lower costs, higher yield and new functionalities has put GaN-on-Si at the forefront of the next generation of GaN devices.

EasyGaN provides a broad range of innovating solutions for the growth of GaN on silicon. From epiready templates to complex epistacks, our products tackle GaN-on-Si epitaxial challenges for your application in the fields of optoelectronics, electronics and beyond.

EasyGaN is a startup providing solutions for an easy access to the GaN-on-silicon technology. Located on the French Riviera, EasyGaN is a spin-off of CRHEA-CNRS, an internationally recognized research center with a 20+ years of experience in the epitaxial growth of GaN.

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