Molecular beam epitaxy for high quality GaN-on-Si

GaN has been a key semiconductor material in the lighting industry for years now and has become increasingly needed for high quality electronic devices, MEMS, sensors and more. The GaN-on-sapphire technology is currently the most common approach to GaN devices but the need for lower costs, higher yields and new functionalities has put GaN-on-silicon at the forefront of the next generation of GaN devices. Mastering GaN-on-silicon technology however remains a challenge for most, and the commonly used techniques often fail to deliver on the material and device quality levels.

EasyGaN relies on original molecular beam epitaxy techniques to circumvent such issues and offer you a broad range of innovating solutions with striking benefits: 

  • Easy access to state-of-the art GaN-on-Si technology

  • MOCVD-compatible solutions from epiready templates to full epiwafer stacks.

  • High material quality, reproducibility and yield ensured by the unique advantages of molecular beam epitaxy.

  • Proprietary solutions bypass existing intellectual property and offer you an alternative path to GaN-on-Si.

  • Dedicated solutions for your GaN devices in the fields of optoelectronics, electronics and beyond.

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